Sheung Wan Buildings

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Sheung Wan Buildings - by

Sheung Wan Buildings – by

Old buildings, brand new boutique hotels, residential buildings or “tong Lau” are a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural features in Sheung Wan  

Sheung Wan  is one of the territory’s oldest urban settlements and was a part of historical “Victoria City”. Charactized by its historical streets and eatery, coffee shops, Sheung Wan is popular with both locals and expatriates.

This area is famous for its small Chinese-style shops selling dried seafood and medicinal herbs, you can smell it with the wind blowing from the seashore.

One of the famous buildings is Western Market. This building was built in 1906. It operated as a food market until 1988. In 1990, it was declared a historical monument and the renovated market re-opened as the Western Market in 1991.

The lower parts of Mid-levels boast some beautiful historic streets with temples and old colonial buildings and, of course, it is the home of the world’s longest escalator and the trendy SoHo area.