Restaurant and Bar Lease for Surrender in Central

  • A upstairs bar-restaurant space with huge terrace lease for surrender in Central – photo by
  • Wyndham Street  is very  close to the Central Police Station, Soho area nearby – photo by

Wyndham Street restaurant, bar lease for surrender

An upstairs restaurant space with huge terrace is now surrendered for lease in Central, Hong Kong. The surrender restaurant for lease is located at Wyndham Street (雲咸街) , an excellent restaurant or bar  area for food and beverage (F&B)  operators to  serve a flurry of high to mid-level consumers.

If you are looking for a restaurant for lease with high traffic of ready-to-spend customers close to Soho area, Central Hong Kong, please feel free to contact Lacruland.

A upstairs bar-restaurant space with huge terrace lease for surrender in Central - photo by

A upstairs bar-restaurant space with huge terrace lease for surrender in Central – photo by


Property Descriptions

Area (gross): approx.1,500 sq ft
Flat Roof: approx. 1,000 sq ft
Asking Rent: HK$200,000 exclusive  per month

What is “Surrender for lease”?  

Perhaps you may want to understand what “surrender for lease” means. Surrender occurs when a tenant agrees to return the leased premises to the landlord before lease expiry and the landlord agrees to accept the return of the premises. In most cases, the landlord would consider a surrender provided that the tenant will find a replacement tenant for the current/new lease.

Surrender and replacement are more complicated to be handled than a new lease. It is highly recommended to seek property and legal advice from the professionals.

What make Wyndham Street so special?

Wyndham Street starts at the junction with Hollywood Road and Arbuthnot Road, close to the Central Police Station (which is historical landmark and will be opened for public visit after the conservation works by H.K. Jockey Club later this year), and heads downhill to terminate at Queen’s Road Central.

In the early 20th Century, Wyndham Street was nicknamed “Flower Street” with lots of hawker’s stalls selling flowers there.

Now Wyndham Street is packed with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Wyndham is also regarded as an extension of Lan Kwai Fong  where clubbing people like to hang around.

Bar and restaurant operators are comparatively capable to afford higher rent on Wyndham Street to get a high traffic of affluent customers for wine and food. Shop rent there is on average higher than that of Soho Central.

Contact Lacruland – a specialist in food and beverage brand building and marketing 

If you would like this restaurant at Wyndham Street, please contact Lacruland- a specialist for lease or rent of  food & beverage (F&B) real estate in Central, Sheung Wan, Wanchai,   use one of the following methods:

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