Lacruland Success Story with Serge et la phoque

Serge et la phoque – Pleasantly Surprised

Serge et la phoque at Wanchai -

Serge et la phoque at Wanchai –


Serge et la phoque,  literally means Serge and the seal in French, is a French restaurant with a very special theme. The restaurant is located opposite to Wanchai Market.

Featured by its wide frontage, high ceiling and simple decoration, . Serge et la phoque is owned by a group of  partners originated from France.

The key partner, known as  Frederic Peneau, has tremendously succeeded in Paris as it  has got the fame of the top 20 restaurants in the world.

The French restaurant  has classic French fare accentuated with slight hints of miso and mandarin. Signature Dishes include:

  1. Tiger Prawn Ceviche
  2. Fromage Blanc with Caramel
  3. Sake-Marinated Beef

A new set-up in Wanchai, Hong Kong


After rounds of discussions and collaborations, Lacurland found an unique space for this special F & B restaurant operator who is new to Hong Kong.

The restaurant  now has a very special  setting  – no signage on the frontage , yet with wide window shop frontage and limited decor, it has become an eye-catcher to many Wanchai passers-by.

Here comes a comment about the setup:

The decor is fairly minimalistic, with exposed ceilings and a large front window that looks out into the street (image of the view above). Two features that made the space quite nice were the high ceiling, as well as the row of seats by the window, which seats two diners on the same side of the table, with their backs to the window and looks back into the restaurant, which reminded me of the way all the seats in French street cafes are always lined up in a row, watching the theatre of the street.

According to Serge et la phoque, they are going to  put more emphasis on food quality. A very different approach in the market!

Serge-et-la-phoque at Wanchai - by

Serge-et-la-phoque at Wanchai – by

Where to find Serge et la phoque

  •  B2, Tower 1 The Zenith, 3 Wanchai Road
  • +852 5465 2000
  • Business hours
    – Tuesday: 18:00 – 22:30
    – Wednesday – Friday: 12:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30
    – Saturday – Sunday: 11:00 – 23:30

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