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Serge-et-la-phoque-Chefs-and-Founders acknowledge the importance of brand building and marketing

Serge-et-la-phoque-Chefs-and-Founders acknowledge the importance of brand building and marketing

Why Food and Beverage brand marketing is important to your restaurants?

Do you want to tell your story and unique menu to potential customers after setting up your restaurants in Hong Kong? Do you really want to reach out those who are ready to spend time and money enjoying good food after works?

In the midst of Internet age , digital brand building and marketing has changed the marketing mix for food and beverage sector – changing the way how you can communicate with Internet customers.

How F&B brand marketing works?

Successful brand building and marketing strategies demand the right consumer insights and channel selection as the media landscape continues shifting. In providing a one-stop service to high-ended clients around the globe, Lacruland  marketing team is devoted to offering help in promoting your brand online and offline.


Lacruland Marketing Services

Lacruland Marketing Services

Our Services Cover:

    1. Online and offline marketing proposal and implementation for F& B branding
    2. Digital solution on graphic design, multimedia design, website development and management
    3. Online promotion campaign through Facebook, Google Adwords and other SEM channel


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Also can Visit!  A brand developed by Lacruland, focusing more on Hong Kong f&b community development and restaurants/cafe/bars listings are launched by the end of 2016.

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