Elgin Street an ideal place for restaurant operators in SoHo Hong Kong

Elgin Street an ideal place for restaurant operators in SoHo Hong Kong

Located in Central, Hong Kong, Elgin Street is one of the must “pick”street in SoHo for restaurants. Despite its sloping, it’s full of surprises: Doughnuts and coffee shop, antique shops, dai pai dongs are operating on this street. We would like to recommend a shop in this neighborhood good for restaurants operators. If you find the place intriguing, please feel free to contact Lacruland.

Property Descriptions

  1. Location: Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong
  2. Size: 1,500 sf for lease
  3. Asking: HK$140,000 per month
ElginSt-restaurant-signs. Photo by

ElginSt-restaurant-signs. Photo by


Other shop options on Elgin Street

  1. Shop options: 900 sf/2,000 sf
  2. Guaranteed traffic of customers with the link of SoHo escalator
  3. Conveniently linked the core Central to Mid-levels


Elgin Street Background and Direction

Elgin Street is one of the earliest streets in Hong Kong, it was named after James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin. In the 0ld days, the street was muddy during the rainy days, as time goes by, lots of improvement were made and it has become a popular spot for tourists.

The street begins at a low elevation at Hollywood Road and ends high at Caine Road. The street is divided into two sections by the junction with Peel Street and Staunton Street. The upper section is less steep than the lower as it approaches the hilltop after the junction.

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ElginSt-shop-signs. Photo by

ElginSt-shop-signs. Photo by


ElginSt-restaurants - Photo by

ElginSt-restaurants – Photo by


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